10 tips to increase focus

Focusing is simply saying YES to and implementing one important task and saying NO to all other tasks; meaning prioritizing one task at a time. The other tasks can be deleted, postponed, or delegated to others. 

As Nathan W. Morris, author and finance expert, said:

 “It’s not always that we need to do more but rather that we need to focus on less.” 

This highlights the importance of focusing and how it can save our time and energy if only we focus our time and energy on the important goals. In addition to being productive and reaching our goals.

After compiling your to-do lists of the day or the week and comes the time for implementation, Here are some practical tips to help you focus:

1. Set your intention 

Setting your intention and the reason behind finishing the task gives you the motive to accomplish it. In addition to setting the right mindset which gives the task an importance and weight to be finished.

2. Break down the task

After deciding on the main tasks that you’ll work on, break them down to achievable tasks, make sure you have all the requirements before starting any task.

3. Dedicate time

Dedicate a specific time to a task. By dividing the day into time slots (for example 15 minutes for every task), you can block certain time slots for each task, you'll also be more likely to implement it. It’s better to use a calendar and an alarm clock.

4. Don't multitask

Do only one task. If you do more than one task, you'll waste energy and mental power in switching from one task to the other.

5. Use your energy efficiently

Some people have high energy in the mornings while others have high energy in the evenings. Dedicate the most energetic and creative time of the day to your first priority task. As energy levels go down, you can always switch to a lighter activity. Focus your energy where it is supposed to be.

6. Establish a routine

To make the best out of the day and reduce the time thinking about the daily activities and logistics, make a routine. A routine guarantees that specific daily repeated tasks are done at a certain time of the day which helps you stay in control, organized, and productive.

7. Eliminate distractions

Eliminate distractions by moving away your biggest distraction device (your phone),and any other obvious distraction, also try to check your email and messages after noon.

8. Set boundaries

Learn to say no to unimportant requests that will consume your time and energy, even if it’s a phone call that you can skip.

9. Take short breaks

With long tasks, try to break it with a cup of coffee or a short walk. This will boost your energy and clear your mind for better productivity

10. Be kind to yourself

If you didn't succeed in finishing the task and gave in to the distractions, don't be harsh on yourself and start again with a new mindset. Try to reward yourself with a treat at the end of the task.

Like any skill, focusing can be improved and made automatic. The trick is to be consistent.

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