No need to feel overwhelmed

Do you feel overwhelmed? Unable to start on your project? Do you have a big project or an event that you need to work on? Does your goal appear too large and difficult to achieve?

Most of us feel so overwhelmed with new or big projects at first glance. However, everything is doable and achievable, just have the correct mindset for it.

Ask yourself 6 questions and that will help you look at it with ease and practicality.

1. What? 

What is the project you are about to implement? Visualize the process and the end product as specific and detailed as you can. With the end product in mind, this will make it easier to attain the goal and will give you an idea of what needs to be done.

2. When? 

When do you have to submit the project? Applying a realistic time frame to your project and breaking it down into an action plan with attainable tasks, will ease the process and the follow up of the work progress. 

3. Why? 

Why is this project important? What is the purpose and impact of your project? Knowing the problem you are going to solve and the value added by accomplishing this project will keep you motivated throughout the process.

4. How? 

Do you have the skills and knowledge to work on this project? This is where you need to learn about the skills and knowledge needed to accomplish this project, against the new skills you need to learn. You also need to know what tools and technologies to use in order to ease the process and the implementation of the project. To start on your project, focus on what you have now and learn new skills along the way.

5. Who? 

This is where you need to look for the team that you will work with and help you achieve the goals. A team you feel at ease working with, have the knowledge, easy to learn and adapt. Make sure you assign roles and responsibilities clearly. Also, know who you can ask for help, expertise, and knowledge when needed. Finally, make communication clear and ongoing.

6. Where? 

Where are you going to work on the project? Look for a positive environment to provide for yourself and your team that promotes team safety, growth and goal attainment.

By answering these questions you’ll have a clearer vision of the project or event you are about to work on. This will give you an easy start.

About mettle

Mettle means the person ability to cope with difficulties and perform well, which is what we aspire to achieve step by step.

Mettle is all in one life balance & productivity application that enables you to list down your habits, organize your time and prioritize your tasks.

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